Related projects

Working with other projects in Levenmouth

The Levenmouth Reconnected Programme is working closely with other programmes and projects currently operating in the Levenmouth area to ensure a joined-up approach to all the proposed improvements.

The partner programmes have a similar vision for Levenmouth, namely, to improve connectivity to, and within ,Levenmouth, and to capitalise on the social and economic opportunities that these improvements can bring.

The Leven Programme

River Leven

The Leven Programme (known as The Leven) was established in 2018 to bring together those public bodies, businesses and community representatives who want to make a positive difference to the river and the surrounding area. By improving the physical and ecological conditions of the river; creating better access to the river and between communities; as well as creating opportunities to improve people’s health, well-being and economic prospects, all partners realise that more can be achieved working together than can be achieved working in isolation.

The first phase of the Leven Programme includes two projects focused on a 4km stretch of the River Leven flowing from Windygates to Leven. The Connectivity Project will see the creation of a network of paths and cycle ways connecting local communities as well as looking to unlock opportunities to bring some areas of vacant and derelict land into productive use.  The River Leven Restoration Project will look at the potential to restore this stretch of the river while improving potential fish passage at the Kirkland and Burn Mill dams.

Visit The Leven Programme website for further information about the various projects that the programme is delivering.

Leven rail link

Rail lineThe reinstatement of the Leven rail link is part of wider improvements to Scotland's railway infrastructure and will provide a major boost to economic sustainability and connectivity.

It will deliver opportunities for local people - unlocking access to education, culture, entertainment and employment options, as well attracting new business and investment.

Network Rail have been commissioned by Transport Scotland to develop plans to reinstate the connection from the mainline rail network to Leven to restore passenger services to the town.

In railway terms, Network Rail will:

  • deliver 19 single track kilometres of new/ reinstated railway;
  • deliver two new modern accessible stations;
  • make provision to enable efficient electrification of the line in the future.

Throughout the duration of the project, both in planning and delivery, Network Rail will work with local partners and stakeholders to maximise the benefits that the railway can bring to the communities it will serve and put in the right foundations that will ensure the long-term success of the line.

This means that Network Rail will:

  • work with partners to optimise travel / interchange options connecting stations;
  • work with local groups and stakeholders to support and promote social, economic and regeneration aspirations;
  • work with stakeholders and local interest groups to support environmental goals and promote active travel and active leisure activities in the railway corridor.

As well as reinstating passenger services, the rail link will be able to serve the needs of freight. Moving goods by rail as opposed to road will further support environmental goals and efficient ways to move goods will provide an added stimulus to attract businesses to the community.

Visit the Scotland’s Railway website for further information about the Levenmouth rail link.