Application FAQs

Application process FAQs

Pre-application FAQs

I have an idea for a project but not sure where to start.

All community councils and local councillors sit on the Task Group. They could present your idea to the group or alternately you can contact the Programme Management Office at:, who will guide you in what is required.

Where will proposals come from?

Ideas for proposals may come from the Working Group and/or Task Group. These groups will be gathering ideas and proposals from their networks. Other approaches that will be undertaken will be:

What is additionality?

Additionality is the extent to which something happens as a result of an intervention that would not have occurred in the absence of the intervention.

Where can I access the application form?

The application form and associated documents can be accessed from this website or by emailing:

After application submitted FAQs

How long will the technical check take?

A technical check should be completed within five working days of the application being acknowledged.

How long do I have to provide additional information requested from the technical check?

You have three months. If you cannot provide the information within this timescale you will have to go back to Stage 1 of the process.

After a satisfactory technical check, when will there be a decision on my application?

Following a satisfactory technical check, those applying for a small grant amount (Less than £5,000) will be passed to Local Community Planning for assessment and should be notified of the decision within 20 working days of the completed technical check.

Large applications (Over £5,000) will be assessed by the working group assessment panel (within 20 working days from completed technical check). It will then be passed to the Oversight Group for final approval before going to the next scheduled Area Committee for support. If there are no objections during this time the applicant will be notified within three working days of the scheduled Area Committee.

Who will be carrying out the assessment of my application and how will this be done?

Small applications (Less than £5,000) will be assessed and decision made by the Local Community Planning Team. These applications will be assessed on:

Large applications (over £5,000) will be assessed by members of the working group. There will be a minimum of five assessors from a variety of organisations and applications will be assessed against the scoring mechanism.

What are the possible outcomes following assessment completion?

Once an assessment is complete, the panel must make a recommendation as to whether or not the Levenmouth Reconnected Programme should approve funding for the project. There are four possible recommendations.

What if I decide to withdraw my application?

Applicants may decide to withdraw their application at any time. When this happens, the Programme Manager must request written confirmation of the decision to withdraw the application, along with reasons for the withdrawal outlined.

If I have withdrawn my application can I resubmit?

Organisations can re-apply for funding for projects previously considered and approved but withdrawn at the applicants' request. If beyond one year of consideration, the applicants must submit a revised application form to the Levenmouth Reconnected Programme. If within one year of consideration, the applicants can submit an update report on the project previously considered indicating any significant changes made to the previous submission.