Active travel bridge craned into position at Duniface

Duniface 1

Network Rail has completed the installation of the main sections of the new footbridge over the Levenmouth railway at Duniface.

Highly visible from the surrounding communities, the bridge sits 15m above the railway and the River Leven and is already a significant landmark in the area at 144m-long.

The bridge, which was placed into position over a four-day period using a 750-tonne crane, will carry the core path between the communities of Methilhill and Kennoway – replacing Swaine’s bridge, which currently sits over the river.

It’s the first of three new bridges that will be constructed along the new six-mile rail link, creating links between the new railway stations at Leven and Cameron Bridge.

Part of the future of the Levenmouth rail corridor is an improved walking and cycling offering and this bridge is integral to the enhanced network of active travel routes being developed.

Duniface 2

Joe Mulvenna, Network Rail’s project manager for the Levenmouth Rail Link, said: “We are delighted that the work to install the Duniface bridge has been completed smoothly and we are now working hard to get it ready in time for the railway opening in June.

“It is always exciting to see the crane lift the bridge into position to create what is a very impressive looking structure that will support active travel in the nearby communities.

“The active travel network will make a huge impact on the area and will improve connectivity between communities, across the river and linking to the new stations.

“The bridge will improve options for walking and cycling but also support users of mobility scooters, wheelchairs, prams and buggies in moving about the community and accessing the rail network for onward journeys.

“We are grateful to the surrounding communities for their cooperation as we brought the bridge sections to site and look forward to completing the work in the coming weeks.”

Passenger services on the new Levenmouth Rail Link start in June and provision of key active travel links in and around the stations will improve access and maximise the economic, social, and environmental benefits that the new rail link brings.

Feedback from local people has helped to inform the location of the bridge, with the wider rail project being developed in tandem with the active travel network.

A short video from Network Rail covering this story is available here.