New Levenmouth Reconnected large grant funding round opens

Community groups, organisations and businesses can once again bid for a share of large grant funding from the £10 million Levenmouth Reconnected Programme (LRP) Fund.

The Levenmouth Reconnected Programme (LRP) Fund is managed by Fife Council and aims to maximise the economic and social opportunities presented by the new Leven rail link, the regeneration of the River Leven and its proposed path network, investments in renewable energy, and many other initiatives taking place across Levenmouth.

So far, six worthwhile projects have received large grant funding to the tune of just over £2.3 million, and there are others also in the pipeline.

However, the latest round of large grant funding is now open and we’re once again accepting grant applications for eligible large-scale projects in Levenmouth that can fulfil our required funding criteria.

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We’re initially looking for expressions of interests from individuals, community groups, businesses, public organisations, partnerships, social enterprises, charities and/or community interest companies who have projects in mind and think they could put LRP funding to great use.

People have until February 28 to submit these expressions of interest, although any project that has already submitted an expression of interest does not need to submit another one unless they wish to change the project’s scope significantly.

The formal application process will then open on March 4, with the deadline for submission falling on March 29, 2024.

Applications will be processed during April and a decision on those projects recommended for funding is likely to be made in May or June.

Phil Clarke, Levenmouth Reconnected Programme Manager, said: “The LRP is backed by £5 million funding from Fife Council and £5 million from Transport Scotland, and it really complements the huge investment being made across Levenmouth in the rail link, active travel routes and other associated initiatives.

“We’ve already seen a number of worthwhile projects benefit from LRP funding thus far, and we can’t wait to see what else can be achieved.

“This is a great opportunity for people to play a real part in the economic and social regeneration of their local area, and I encourage any groups of organisations interested to act now and apply.

“Together we can create a sustainable legacy for Levenmouth.”

Funding for projects up to £5 million can be applied for, however, the Levenmouth Reconnected Programme will only fund projects to a maximum of 75% of total eligible project costs.

This figure can be reviewed by the Levenmouth Reconnected Working Group and may be increased or decreased throughout the duration of the programme.

Should a project apply for 75% of the project costs, the Working Group Assessment Panel can decide to lower the rate if they feel that the project doesn’t fully meet the themes, priorities or objectives of the fund.

Full details and how to apply for funding can be accessed by visiting the Levenmouth Reconnected Programme website: Grants over £5,000 | Levenmouth Reconnected (

Applicants should note that the requirements for an Expression of Interest submission are: the project’s title; a summary of the project; a brief note on how the project meets the four themes of the Levenmouth Reconnected Programme (; a brief note on how the project meets the objective of maximising the social and economic benefits of the re-opened rail line; an estimate of total costs and amount requested from the Levenmouth Reconnected Programme; and an estimation of project timescale.