Safety message clear as Leven rail line work ramps up

Secondmile 1

Work to build the second mile of new track on the Levenmouth Rail Link is now underway.

The second phase of track work continues to take the railway closer to Leven and is the first section of the reinstated railway which will be double-tracked.

Following the successful completion of the first mile in March, which included connecting to the mainline at Thornton junction, significant work followed to install drainage and troughing for cable routes.

The first mile is now complete and will shortly be commissioned and enter into service as operational railway to enable engineering trains to assist in the delivery of subsequent phases of work.


And with this in mind, the project team are keen to reiterate the message that local people should not now be using the area to avoid coming into contact with engineering trains, railway plant and machinery delivering the work.

With all traces of the original track lifted and existing ballast removed to reveal the formation level of the track-bed, work will focus on rebuilding the railway solum wide enough to accommodate both running lines.

In order to ensure enough space for the new double-track sections, some work is required to reprofile sections of embankment adjacent to the line.

The new track-bed will then be formed, before ballast which has been stock-piled in Thornton yard which will be delivered to where it is needed ahead of new sleepers being positioned and rails being placed.

Secondmile 3

Joe Mulvenna, project manager for the Levenmouth Rail Link Project, said: “We are delighted with progress on the project to date and look forward to continuing to bring the new railway to Leven and the surrounding areas.

“Various elements of work are underway or ongoing all across the route and activity is set to ramp-up even further in the coming months and so we are asking people who have previously used the area to walk dogs, for leisure or for exercise to please find an alternative.

“Increased work activity means more vehicle movements and the first-mile section will be a live railway and so very dangerous.  Our priority is safety, both of the local people and for those working hard to deliver the project, and the best way to promote safety is by now asking local people not to continue to use the railway corridor.”

Following successful completion of a range of preparatory activities the project to deliver the new Levenmouth Rail Link kicked off in March 2022.

Work to upgrade Thornton North Junction was completed during a line closure on Sunday 6th March.  This enabled the connection onto what will be the Levenmouth branch line.

The project has completed the first mile of track, which has now been commissioned and will be used to support construction of the subsequent phases of work on the project

Current work to the west of the route includes fencing, re-profiling of embankments, drainage and cabling and track works.  Bridge works are ongoing along the length of the rail corridor.

It is anticipated that station designs will be complete and planning applications made later in autumn 2022.